Chocolate couverture

The real Belgium origin chocolate ! 

x Chocolate couverture 1cm easy melt chips:
available in dark, milk and white
packed in 10kg cartons  
other cacao percentages available upon request 
other sizes - buttons, drops and micro drops - are possible 
special flavors & colors (caramel, strawberry, orange, lemon, mixed …) can be provided 

x Chocolate couverture sugar free 3cm easy melt chips:
based on stevia
available in dark and milk 
packed in 10kg cartons  

x Cacao butter chips 

x Cacao mass chips  

x Chocolate decorations / inclusions:  Curls, shavings, leaves, micro drops, chips, buttons, chunks, spikes, deco tubes, forest shavings, fanderol, batons, truffle shells, spaghetti, splitters, pine needles.   All available in difference sizes and different flavors & colors (dark, milk, white, caramel, strawberry, orange, lemon, mixed …)


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