I. Compound coating


With our HercoChoc line we have developed the perfect compound chocolate alternative for the traditional Belgian chocolate.

Our compound chocolate is based on lauric fats, contains anti-blooming agents and has a very good crystallisation.

The HercoChoc products do not have to be tempered and are perfect to use as decoration and coating.  HercoChoc is very popular in the chocolate-, ice cream- and bakery industries.

Our compound chocolates are available in:

x dark, milk and white

x 5kg blocs, individually packed in 5x5kg cartons

x easy melt chips, packed in 20kg bags 

On request we can also develop and produce tailor-made compound chocolates to meet the specific requirements of our customers.



II. Fillings and spreads


fat based fillings 

x chocolate and chocolate hazelnut fillings for pralines & truffles

x creamfillings vanille, lemon, strawberry and hazelnut for pralines

x bakestable chocolate fillings with or without hazelnuts

x chocolate and chocolate hazelnut spreads for waffles, crêpes, ...

x speculoos spread

x caramel fillings and pastes 


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