Margarine and fat play an important role in bakery and pastry products.  Not only they prevail the flavorbase of the finished products, but they also determine the occurrence of a series of technical features such as the crispyness of a croissant. 

We should differentiate between 3 main types of margarines:


1. HercoCake


This is a vegetable multipurpose- and cake margarine.  Can be used in confectionery, biscuit-applications  and even in cake-baking and kitchen applications.
Based on the fat percentage we can offer HercoCake 75 and HercoCake 80, both available in 10kg and 20kg cartons.

2. HercoCream

This is a vegetable cream margarine.  This is a softer type of margarine for use in (fantasy)creams and for (pie) decoration.
Based on the fat percentage we can offer HercoCream 75 and HercoCream 80, both available in 10kg and 20kg cartons.

3. HercoPastry


This is a vegetable margarine in a plate form with good elastic and plastic properties.  HercoPastry is developed for artisanal and semi-industrial production methods of danish and puff pastry. 
Based on the fat percentage we can offer HercoPastry 75 and HercoPastry 80, both in 5x2kg cartons.


Other available margarines:
- Herco Butter Cream Imitation: specifications
- Herco Butterlike margarine: specifications
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