I. Fondant, extra white 


Herco Fondant is a ready to use thick, smooth, white sugar paste that melts in the mouth.


x extra white color          x keep's it's shine

x longer shelf life          x versatile in use

x ready to use          x dries quickly

x remains soft inside for a long time          x can be mixed easily with color - and flavor additives



x Icing: for cake icing, cream buns, petits fours, frangipane, butter pastries, Genoese pastry, cakes.

x cream for chocolate filling

x confectionery

x butter cream: in a paste together with butter for the filling of shortbread, rolled biscuits, various butter cream cakes


Available in 15kg, 7kg and 2.5kg packing

Also available: freeze and thaw stable fondant


Specifications:click here for details


* Filling cream

* Butter cream

Other recipes available upon request




II. Cacaofondant

Ready to use cacaofondant


Applications :

  •  for glazing/icing operations in pastries/confectionery


Advantages when used:

  •  ready to use
  •  gloss views
  •  quick drying process
  •  constant, warm chocolate colour
  •  very stable


Available in 15kg and 7kg packing.


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III. Sugar Paste

Herco Sugar paste offers the baker the ideal icing for novelty, birthday, wedding and Christmas cakes and gateaux.



x extra white

x one coat coverage on all types of cakes

x excellent soft cutting properties

x may be colored and flavored

x excellent long life keeping properties on cakes



x coating and decoration of celebration cakes

x ideal for marking flowers

x quick  finish gateaux

x ideal for creative modeling 


Sugar paste white available in:

2 x 2.5kg cartons

6 x 1kg cartons

24 x 250gr cartons 

specifications sugar paste white


colored sugar paste available in:

6 x 1kg cartons

24 x 250gr cartons 

possible colors: black, red, purple, orange, green, yellow, pink, blue


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