high quality vanillin from European origin.

Developed in cooperation between Herco Foods & Solvay and produced at Solvay factories (FSSC 2200 certified production)

x a white to slightly off-white crystalline powder, with a typical vanilla flavor note

x fine powder: plate type Crystals with narrow particle size distribution

x based on catechol - Guaiacol (chlorine and toluene free process) with lowest environmental impact

x halal, kosher, NON-GMO, allergen free, suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets


vanillin product specifications:Hercovanil


Unique properties of our vanillin:

x vanilla flavor

x flavor booster (example: enhancer of sweeteners in a recipe)

x appetizer (stimulates the appetite)

x stabilizing effect, it reduces sour and bitter peaks in a taste profile (example: standardizing of cocoa mass or protein blends)

x masking of fat taste

x anti-oxidant (example: used in baby food)

x anti-microbiological properties


Applications of our vanillin:

x food flavor formulations

x fragrance applications 

x chocolate: dark & milk chocolate, chocolate blocks, easy melt chips, compound coating, powders, fillings & spreads

x confectionery: soft center sweets, candies, caramels, nougat, chewing gums, all other sweets

x baking: cakes, cookies, pastries, waffles, muffins, breakfast cereals, baking mixes, vanillin flavored sugars

x beverages: soft drinks, sodas, syrups, instant beverages, chocolate flavored drinks, drinking yoghurts,

x dairy, fresh products: flavored and condensed milks, desserts, puddings, flans, yoghurts, sorbets, ice-cream

Hercovanil caramel-toffee nougat

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