I. Glazes


We have 2 main types of glazes:

a. Herco Glaze:

Concentrated glaze for hot application.  For manual application ( or for the spraying machine after mixing with water) on fruit pies, cakes and danish & puff pastries.


b. Herco Mirror Glaze:

Ready to use glaze for cold application.  For manual application on bavarois and fine fruits, offering the mirror effect.


Both types of glazes are available in neutral and strawberry, packed in 6kg pails.

Herco Glaze Strawberry: specifications

Herco Mirror Glaze Strawberry: specifications



II. Fruitfillings


Herco bakestable fruitfillings.

Application: Filling of pies, tarts and cakes.  Topping & decoration.

Available in dark cherry, red cherry, apple, strawberry and cassis.  Packed in 12kg tins.



III. Baking jams

Herco bakestable jams.

Application: Filling & decoration.

Available in apricot and strawberry.  Packed in 12kg tins.



IV. Fruit Pastes

Herco bakestable concentrated fruit pastes.

Application: Topping, ice creams, pastry, flavoring cakes & puddings.

Available in pineapple, strawberry, banana, blueberry, mango and orange.  Packed in 3kg tins.

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